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An all-in-one Online School Management Information System

About Us

Cloud School System is an all-in-one Online School Management Information System that manages all departments of a school from accounts, academics, stores, library, transport, digital learning among others and comes with a parents app, teachers portal  & students’ portal that allows them to access details like marks, fee balance, events, digital resources, diary among others via mobile phones or computers from any location.

The solution that we are providing you has been especially designed considering the challenges Kenyan schools come across. It works with Kenyan, British and ACE curriculums, is multi-campus hence access from multiple campus and ensures real-time secured data access from anywhere anytime using any device. It is also ideal for primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. Emphasis has been given on easy-to-use interfaces. The users need not be programmers or database experts to benefit from this system.

This system has every feature you need to run your institution efficiently.


For more information visit www.cloudschool.co.ke

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